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Tali - Notorious (1946) - 'When I don't love you, I'll let you know'. 'I had a bottle of champagne. I must have left it somewhere'. 'I was a fat headed guy full of pain'...Cary Grant zinger lines. Incomparable Ingrid was quite the lady, way ahead of her time. That black ball gown is outrageous. The first outfit she wore (striped shirt with sequins and a white skirt)and also the gown she wore when she realized she was poisoned, are classics. The actresses of today need to take a hint. There's no one on today's scene in Hollywood that can compare to the Golden Era genre. The plot was excellent and intriguing, with a great ending. Who would have thought?

March 7, 2016___                     _______

Chandra - Notorious (1946) - Cary Grant is my all time fav classic actor and this movie was the reason why!!!Cant believe you show all these movies free!!! Great website!!! You have my support!!!

January 11, 2016___                ________

Vince - Notorious (1946) - Awesome flick!

December 28, 2015___             ________

Len - Notorious (1946) - Great Alfred Hitchcock movie

December 1, 2015___             ________

Karie - Notorious (1946) - Love the old ones, they are great!

October 4, 2015                    _         _

Smiling Eyes - Notorious (1946) - With two great actors and the masterful Mr Hitchcock how could this not be a brilliant piece of work.

August 5, 2015               _           __

Julz - Notorious (1946) - Everything that is good about films can be found in this simply masterfully constructed movie. Covering a plethora of themes and genres….10 out of 10

April 28, 2015                           __

Taylor - Notorious (1946) - Deliciously, wonderful movie.

April 2, 2015               _            __

Brian - Notorious (1946) - Notorious Another Alfred Hitchcock classic.

March 7, 2015               _         __

Migdalia - Notorious (1946) -  I am a lover of Old Films and of Old Actors and Actresses. Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman needs no Introduction. It does not get better than this I would like to have for my Collection of DVD Movies Notorious with Ingrid Bergman and Cary Grant.  (Follow the link on the IMDb page to purchase a DVD.)   

September 25, 2014       _         __

Nancy - Notorious (1946) - One of my all time favorites.  Classic!  A must see for all movie lovers.

July 7, 2014    _                 __

Fish - Notorious (1946) - It really doesn't get better than this. I saw this gem first at the old Thalia in NYC in the 70's - my first intro to  classic "American" film.  NOT to be missed, skipped, or put on a tb seen list!

June 17, 2014    _                 __

Pauline - Notorious (1946) - Great spy thriller!

April 21, 2014    _                   __

Kristine - Notorious (1946) - One of the greats!  They just don't make them like this and seems all the 'greats' are gone.  Thank-you, I remember watching it many years ago.

April 6, 2014    _                     __

Notorious (1946) on IMDb

Notorious - Absolutely one of Alfred Hitchcock’s best films! An edge of your seat spy suspense, drama, thriller!

Notorious (1946)

Notorious (1946)