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Charlie Chan's Secret (1936)
Charlie Chan's Secret (1936) on IMDb

Charlie Chan's Secret - Comedy, Crime, Horror! The missing heir shows up to claim his fortune and is murdered soon after.   

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Notorious (1946)

Notorious - Absolutely one of Alfred Hitchcock’s best films! An edge of your seat spy suspense, drama, thriller!

The Scar (1948) - Film-Noir. Stars Paul Henreid, Joan Bennett.  A educated thief takes on a new identity only to find new problems.

The Scar (1948)

Spellbound (1945)

Spellbound - Film-Noir, Mystery, Romance. A psychiatrist falls in love with an amnesia patient accused of murder.

Detour (1945)
Detour (1945) on IMDb

Detour - Crime, Drama, Film-Noir. A hitchhiker runs into ever deeper and deeper trouble when a man dies he is riding with.

Sabotage (1936)
Sabotage (1936) on IMDb

Sabotage - A great Alfred Hitchcock thriller. A saboteur is being investigated by a Scotland Yard detective.

Time Table (1956)
Time Table (1956) on IMDb

Time Table - Crime, Drama. A half a million dollar payroll is stolen by a man pretending to be a doctor with his patient.

Odd Man Out (1947)

Odd Man Out - Crime, Drama, Film-Noir. A suspenseful man hunt in Belfast for Johnny McQueen an Irish Nationalist.

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99 River Street - Film-Noir. Stars: John Payne, Evelyn Keyes. An ex-boxer's wife is murdered by a thief, but he is wanted for the crime.

99 River Street (1953)

99 River Street (1953)

Charlie Chan in the Secret Service - Comedy, Crime, Mystery. Stars: Sidney Toler. Chan as a U.S. agent to investi-gates the death of an inventor.

Charlie Chan in the Secret Service (1944)

Charlie Chan in the Secret Service (1944)