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Yvonne - Spellbound (1945) - I love old movies of all kinds. Alfred Hitchcock, Ingrid Bergman and Gregory Peck, WOW they don't make them like the use to.

November 27, 2016___                _  ___

Tali - Spellbound (1945) - Gregory Peck is the most gorgeous male actor of all time. He and Jennifer Jones are the most beautiful screen couple of all time in Duel in the Sun. A must see!

March 2, 2016___                     _______

Trudi - Spellbound (1945) - You cannot beat these old movies. Nothing today comes close.

February 25, 2016___                _______

Taria - Spellbound (1945) - This was a great movie.  They don't make them like that anymore.  I love this channel. Thanks guys!

December 11, 2015___             ________

Bill - Spellbound (1945) - A  lovely scene where they declare their love for each other, moving and so chaste, which makes a welcome change from the obligatory and tiresome mattress surfing in current movies.

November 24, 2015              _           __

Nita - Spellbound (1945) - I have seen it many times but it never gets old. Amazing Hitchcock directing as always!!

June 16, 2015              _           __

Kiya - Spellbound (1945) - WOW! That was great! I'm usually pretty good at whodunit movies, but this one had me lost. Good Job, Alfred!

June 16, 2014    _                 __

Danny - Spellbound (1945) - How beautiful was Bergman!    

June 10, 2014                      ___

Sunshine - Spellbound (1945) - What a great story teller. Thanks for sharing this wonderful old film.

May 11, 2014     _                  __

Hariram - Spellbound (1945) - These old movies are great. The psycho analyst turning into a detective portrayed by Ingrid Bergman is remarkably good. and so is Gregory peck. Nice movie.

February 24, 2014    ___ ________

David - Spellbound (1945) - I love these old movies.  They are great.  Thanks for making them available.  I would subscribe to a service that had only movies form the 30's to the 60's.

January 15, 2014    ____________

Kavita -  Very nice.

December 5, 2013_____________

Hannah -  A great film. Gregory Peck comes across on screen as such a sweet guy. Ingrid Bergman as an actress is both smart and beautiful.

October 19, 2013_____________

Spellbound (1945) on IMDb

Spellbound - Film-Noir, Mystery, Romance. A psychiatrist falls in love with an amnesia patient accused of murder.

Spellbound (1945)

Spellbound (1945)