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OMT B Classics


A Yank in Libya


Walter Woolf King, Joan Woodbury and H.B. Warner

A Yank in Libya (1942)

Bombs Over Burma


Anna May Wong, Noel Madison and Leslie Denison



Otto Kruger, Elissa Landi, Donald Woods

Corregidor (1943)

Ski Troop Attack


Michael Forest, Frank Wolff, Wally Campo

Ski Troop Attack (1960) Bombs Over Burma (1942)

Submarine Alert


Richard Arlen, Wendy Barrie and Nils Asther

Submarine Alert (1943)

Identity Unknown


Richard Arlen, Cheryl Walker, Roger Pryor

Identity Unknown (1945)

The Navy Way


Robert Lowery, Jean Parker, William Henry

The Navy Way (1944)

Submarine Base


John Litel, Alan Baxter,

Eric Blore

Submarine Base (1943)

Lady from Chungking


Anna May Wong, Harold Huber, Mae Clark

Lady from Chungking (1942)



Richard Arlen, Jean Parker, Russell Hayden

Minesweeper (1943)

Hearts in Bondage


James Dunn, Mae Clarke, David Manners

Hearts in Bondage (1936)

They Raid by Night


Lyle Talbot, June Duprez, Victor Varconi

They Raid by Night (1942)

The Last Chance


Ewart G. Morrison, John Hoy, Ray Reagan

Guerrilla Girl


Helmut Dantine, Marianna, Irene Champlin

Hitler - Dead or Alive


Ward Bond, Dorothy Tree, Warren Hymer

The Big Lift


Montgomery Clift,

Paul Douglas, Cornell Borchers

The Last Chance (1945) Guerrilla Girl (1953) Hitler - Dead or Alive (1942) The Big Lift (1950)

A Boy a Girl and a Dog


Jerry Hunter, Sharyn Moffet, Lionel Stander

Aerial Gunner


Chester Morris, Richard Arlen, Jimmy Lydon

Navy Blues


Dick Purcell, Mary Brian, Warren Hymer

A Boy a Girl and a Dog (1946) Aerial Gunner (1943) Navy Blues (1937)

High Flight (1957)

Ray Milland, Bernard Lee, Kenneth Haigh

High Flight (1957)

U 67 or The Sea Ghost


Alan Hale, Laura La Plante, Clarence Wilson

U 67 or The Sea Ghost (1931)

Tokyo File 212


Florence Marly, Lee Frederick, Katsuhiko Haida

Tokyo File 212 (1951)

The Hour Before the Dawn (1944)

Franchot Tone, Veronica Lake, John Sutton

The Hour Before the Dawn (1944)

Seven Were Saved


Richard Denning, Catherine Craig, Russell Hayden

Seven Were Saved (1947)