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Action - Adventure

Desert Escape


Warren Hull, Isabel Jewell

Desert Escape (1940)

High Powered


Robert Lowery, Phyllis Brooks

High Powered (1945)

Swamp Fire


Johnny Weissmuller,

Virginia Grey

Swamp Fire (1946)

Adventure Island


Rory Calhoun, Rhonda Fleming

Adventure Island (1947)

Island Captives


Edward J. Nugent, Joan Barclay, Henry Brandon

Island Captives (1937)

The Lost Jungle


Clyde Beatty, Cecilia Parker, Syd Saylor

The Lost Jungle (1934)

Call of the Wilderness


Caesar the Dog, Francis McDonald, Heinie Conklin

Call of the Wilderness (1932)

The Big Cat


Lon McCallister, Peggy Ann Garner, Preston Foster

The Big Cat (1949)

Captain Scarface


Barton MacLane, Virginia Grey, Leif Erickson

Captain Scarface (1953)

Flying Blind


Richard Arlen, Jean Parker,

Nils Asther

Flying Blind (1941)

Get That Girl


Richard Talmadge,

Shirley Grey, Fred Malatesta

Get That Girl (1932)

Blonde Comet


Virginia Vale, Robert Kent, Barney Oldfield

Blonde Comet (1941)

Drums of Africa


Buster Crabbe, Charles Middleton, Sheila Darcy

Drums of Africa (1941)

Outpost in Morocco


George Raft, Marie Windsor, Akim Tamiroff

Outpost in Morocco (1949)



Boris Karloff, Nino Marcel, and Lou Krugman

Sabaka (1954)

Beyond Bengal


Harry Schenck, Joan Baldwin, John Martin

Beyond Bengal (1934) OMT B Classics

I Conquer the Sea!


Steffi Duna, Dennis Morgan, Douglas Walton

I Conquer the Sea! (1936)

Africa Speaks!


Harald Austin, Paul L. Hoefler, Lowell Thomas

Africa Speaks! (1930)

Law of the Sea


William Farnum, Priscilla Dean, Wally Albright

Law of the Sea (1931)

Wallaby Jim of the Islands (1937)

George Houston,

Ruth Coleman, Douglas Walton

Wallaby Jim of the Islands (1937)



George O'Brien, Constance Worth, William Hall

The Savage Girl


Rochelle Hudson, Walter Byron, Harry Myers

Mr. Robinson Crusoe


Douglas Fairbanks, William Farnum, Earle Browne



Angela Lansbury, Mark Stevens, Patric Knowles

Windjammer (1937) The Savage Girl (1932) Mr. Robinson Crusoe (1932) Mutiny (1952)