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Mary - Mister Ed (1958–1966) - I love everything about this show.  the setting, the people and of course Sarcastic controlling mischievous Mr. Ed.

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Joyce - Mister Ed (1958–1966) - Now that's TV!

July 18, 2016___                        __  ___

Mister Ed (1958) on IMDb

Mister Ed (1958–1966)

S1, Ep1 - The First Meeting

S2, Ep14 - Ed the Beneficiary

S2, Ep25 - Clint Eastwood Meets Mister Ed

S4, Ep18 - Ed the Donkey

Season One

Mister Ed - Comedy, Family. Stars Alan Young, Connie Hines. Mister Ed is a talking horse that only talks with Wilbur.