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Brian - Combat! (1962–1967) - Loved watching Combat as a kid in Australia and as a kid always wanted to be Sgt Saunders when we played combat. Vic Morrow is still my favourite actor of all time. Tragically he died playing in a war movie.  

February 6, 2017___                      _  ___

Elmer - Combat! (1962–1967) - I watch combat when I got 9 years old, enjoying every series, before and today.  

June 17, 2017___                      _  ___

Larry - Combat! (1962–1967) - This was one of my favorite shows as a kid.  Have watched most of the first season again.  What made the show so good was the varies plots it wasn't just fighting, and the comradery between the soldiers.  

May 9, 2017___                         _  ___

Marshall - Combat! (1962–1967) - My father also fought in WWII in Europe. He wouldn't talk about his experiences that he had for a year over there, so I always loved this very technically backed series & it's wonderful stars. God be with them.

January 3, 2017___                    _  ___

Frank - Combat! (1962–1967) - Love watching all the old tv shows. Watched Combat with my dad in the 60s. Do it all over again watching it.  

October 10, 2016___              __  ___

Frankie - Combat! (1962–1967) - I watched Combat with my father, mother and brother. My father was in WWII and he loved the show. My mother grew up in Austria and she would translate what the German soldiers said. It's a treat to see the show again after so many years. It's as excellent now as it was then.

September 14, 2016___              __  ___

Kris - Combat! (1962–1967) - I have 2 original scripts that were sent to my father by Vic to use as a writing guides for the series.but that was right before production ended for the series. I have all of the letters that went back and forth as my dad tried to become a contributing was a soldier to the day he died WW2 Vet 1276th ECB and he loved that show.

September 8, 2016___                __  ___

Fred - Combat! (1962–1967) - I worked on several combat Series in the sixties as a German soldier American Flyer sum of the series I played in or walk with an eagle the gun Maywood eat first serious in color I had a great time I got to know all the crew also it personal.

September 5, 2016___                __  ___

‘Dele - Combat! (1962–1967) - Thanks for the most fantastic television series ever.I watched it as a kid in the early seventies in Palm Grove,Lagos,Nigeria.

August 17, 2016___                    __  ___

Ted - Combat! (1962–1967) - Great show I watched as a kid in the sixties Vic morrow was my hero.

August 8, 2016___                     __  ___

Harvey - Combat! (1962–1967) - The best war serial ever.

August 2, 2016___                     __  ___

Dave -  Thanks for the great old movies. Old and broke.

March 16, 2016                _          __

Gilbert - Combat! (1962–1967) Forgotten Front - Real combat.

November 1, 2015              _          __

Gilbert - Combat! (1962–1967) - Great Actors and soldiers.

November 1, 2015              _          __

James - Combat! (1962–1967) - Great Show! Thanks for the memories, I remember watching with my dad Saturday nights.

June 19, 2015              _           __

William - Combat! (1962-1967) - It’s good to see real fighting men the way it should be.

February 3, 2015    _               __

Gloria - Combat! (1962–1967) - Good TV show saw as a kid.

June 7, 2014     _                  __

Kenny - Combat! (1962–1967) - GREAT STUFF ABOUT WW11, LEARN A LOT.

May 12, 2014    _                    __

Annette - Thank you for showing Combat!  I  didn't start watching until they showed reruns in the late 70's and early 80's but I fell in love with the show!

June 6, 2013____________

Combat! (1962) on IMDb

Combat! (1962–1967)

S1, Ep1 - Forgotten Front

S1, Ep2 - Rear Echelon Commandos

S1, Ep3 - Lost Sheep, Lost Shepherd

S1, Ep4 - Any Second Now

S1, Ep5 - Far from the Brave

S1, Ep6 - Missing in Action

S1, Ep7 - Escape to Nowhere

S1, Ep8 - The Celebrity

S1, Ep9 - Cat and Mouse

S1, Ep10 - I Swear by Apollo

Season One

Season Two

Season Three

Season Four

Season Five

Combat! - Action, War, Drama. Stars Vic Morrow, Rick Jason, Pierre Jalbert. An American infantry squad of WWII is followed as they battled across Europe.