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Abdul - Three Came Home (1950) - Very moving movie!

October 8, 2015                    _         _

Dean - Three Came Home (1950) - This is an excellent drama! I would love to read the book.The acting was great. I guess the moral of this true story is that we are all the same. Thank you Dan for this film.

August 31, 2015               _           __

Margaret - Three Came Home (1950) - This is one of the best movies I've ever seen!

August 18, 2015               _           __

Len - Three Came Home (1950) - Brilliant movie based on factual events.

December 12, 2014    ___________

Valerie - Three Came Home (1950) - Have seen this at least 5 times; a factual movie. It is excellent.

February 11, 2014    ___________

Three Came Home (1950) on IMDb

Three Came Home - War, Drama. The true story of the imprisonment of Missionary Agnes Newton in a WWII Japanese prisoner of war camp.

Three Came Home (1950)

Three Came Home (1950)