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Cheryl - This Is the Life (1944) - Liked it. Ty

June 19, 2015              _           __

Frank - "This Is the Life" is full of life, a fun, delightful film with Susanna Foster with a voice that puts Jane Powell in the shade. Donald O'Connor is fun as usual, but his performance is straight out of a Mickey Rooney pic. The music and dancing are excellent. Ray Eberle, Glenn Miller's vocalist tackles a Sinatra number and does so beautifully, and the Bobby Brooks Quartet outshines the Ink Spots. The Universal line-up is intact in this wonderfully enjoyable pic.

May 11, 2013____________

This Is the Life (1944) on IMDb

This Is the Life - Comedy, Drama, Musical. Stars Donald O'Connor, Susanna Foster, Peggy Ryan. A comic story of girls crush on an Army officer.

This Is the Life (1944)

This Is the Life (1944)