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Arnold - The Suspect (1944) - A very good film.  Charles Laughton was always great.

April 8, 2017___                         _  ___

Bill - The Suspect (1944) - I think it is significant that Ella Raines was a graduate from Washington. Too many of today's actors grace the screen with good looks but little else. Ms. Raines had both substance and theatrical presence. Overlooked by the academy awards perhaps because of her conservative views.  

January 5, 2017___                    _  ___

Barry - The Suspect (1944) - Great cat and mouse story with some terrific twists and gimmicks. Could not be  improved in any way. Outstanding Characterizations Love all the cast members

December 16, 2016___                _  ___

Cathy - The Suspect (1944) - One of my favorite actors and a great movie. He was a great director too (The Night Of The Hunter) but not appreciated until much later.

August 21 2016___                    __  ___

Penny - The Suspect (1944) - Absolutely Superb film.  Love Charles Laughton, such a brilliant actor.

May 8, 2016___                       __  ____

John  - The Suspect (1944) - Superb film. Charles Laughton was one of the world's greatest actors, and I've always been in love with Ella Raines.

December 21, 2015___             ________

Sherri - The Suspect (1944) - Excellent film. It truly was a suspenseful murder mystery. So glad I was able to see it. Charles Laughton is an excellent actor.

August 20, 2015               _           __

Maria - The Suspect (1944) - Another wonderful Charles Laughton movie. Really enjoyed this. Thanks Dan!

May 12, 2015                             __

Valerie - The Suspect (1944) - Great movie I love old movies and film noir. Thank you so much.

August 18, 2014    _            __

Dean - The Suspect (1944) - Great performance as usual by Laughton. Thank you Dan.

August 4, 2014    _             __

Madeline - The Suspect (1944) - Good foreshadowing - long staircase, bottle of poison, blackmailer. One step follows another. Good story. Charles Laughton holds our attention every minute.

May 6, 2014     _                   __

Marty - The Suspect (1944) - What a performance Charles Laughton gives, real atmospheric movie,loved it.

May 6, 2014     _                   __

Sally - The Suspect (1944) - Let's compare the movies of yesterday to the 'reality' shows of today....oh, but there's no comparison!

February 2, 2014    ____________

Gary - The Suspect (1944) - The end my heart thumbing... just wish he would have sailed on to freedom and happiness, but we are talking about when men had morals and respect... love old movies, just a different time, nothing like today... thank's for the Calgone moment, but back to war, killing, unemployment, and reality .

January 24, 2014    ____________

Terry - The Suspect (1944) - Rubber-faced, Laughton the master of subtlety and nuance is totally believable as the paramour of one of Hollywood's most beautiful actresses.

January 14, 2014  ____________

Phil -   The Suspect (1944) is laden with suspense and unexpected turns and surprises all the way to the end. Considering that it's based on the premise of a man murdering his wife and the psychological motives that drive him to it, it is surprising that it is rated so highly by IMDb readers, and also that it received the same rating (7.5) from male and female respondents. I wouldn't have guessed that. Maybe today's viewers are more adult than I had a reason to expect? As in Dostoyevsky's Crime and Punishment, we identify and sympathize with the suspect (Charles Laughton)and want him to get away, while those who uncover the crime, police inspector Stanley Ridges and blackmailer Henry Daniell, are mostly despicable . . up to the very end. The scene in Which Ridges re-creates the crime for the purpose of drawing out Laughton is one of the great moments in noir film. American actress Ella Raines fits in perfectly with the early 1900's London scene. A masterful job by screenwriter and director.

November 3, 2013____________

The Suspect (1944) on IMDb

The Suspect - Drama, Thriller, Film-Noir. Charles Laughton and Ella Raines in a suspenseful murder story.

The Suspect (1944)

The Suspect (1944)