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Ole Lady - The Black Swan (1942) - Tyrone Powers and George Sanders in a swashbuckler!? Be still my heart.

March 16, 2017___                     _  ___

Pearl - The Black Swan (1942) - Thank you for all the wonderful movies I watched on this site. I loved "The Black Swan" I'm bedridden with MS. The movies are a real treat. I wanted to be a pirate even though I'm female.

June 12, 2016___                      __  ___

Donald - The Black Swan (1942) - One of my all time favorite old Pirate/Swashbuckler movies. Maureen O'Hara is just Beautiful, George Sanders, excellent and Capt. Henry Morgan is Outstanding along with Jamie-boy..Great Movie.

April 23, 2016___                       ______

Beerboy - The Black Swan (1942) - I was 10 when I saw this in London. I made a four wheeled trolley and named it the Flying Swan. Not the Black Swan, but painted black. Not many cars in 1943 so I didn't kill myself. Loved the film.

January 5, 2015_________    __

Nina -  The Black Swan (1942) - Love Tyrone, Maureen and George Sanders...he is always such a good bad guy! Thanks for putting this fun film!

December 22, 2014            _         __

Kathy - The Black Swan (1942) - Fun pirate movie.  Lots of great actors.

August 29, 2014    _            __

The Black Swan (1942) on IMDb

The Black Swan - Adventure, Action. Pirate Henry Morgan is made the governor of Jamaica who uses his former partners to clean up the Caribbean.

The Black Swan (1942)

The Black Swan (1942)