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Davys - Suddenly (1954) - Boy Mr Sinatra was colder then a Diamond. Real nice film.

August 3, 2017___                        _  ___

JM - Suddenly (1954) - Shades of The Manchurian Candidate (1962).

June 13, 2017___                        _  ___

Mike - Suddenly (1954) - To the above comment, its funny how the Secret Service was in this movie compared to how they acted when JFK was shot i.e partying until 5:30a.m. at Jack Rubie's strip club!! Notice all the routine checks were made on "every" building even 9 years before JFK!! Hmmmmm. I wonder if something more was involved with JFK!!!????LOL.  

July 19, 2014    _               __

GV - Suddenly (1954) - Did the makers of the film ever dream 9 years later, some one would assassinate Kennedy?

Enjoyed the movie. Recommended.

January 6, 2014    ____________

Suddenly (1954) on IMDb

Suddenly - Crime, Drama, Film-Noir. Frank Sinatra as the psycho assassin who was hired to kill the President of the United States.

Suddenly (1954)

Suddenly (1954)