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Tina - Street Scene (1931) - Nice movie and very well done. I really enjoyed it.

March 1, 2015     _                   __

Diana - Street Scene (1931) - The camera work was fascinating, and the same issues we deal with today...excellent movie.

January 6, 2015_________    __

Cate - Street Scene (1931) - What a movie! Beautifully directed, wonderfully written and acted.  Its themes are as timeless today as when it was made in 1931.  A must see for any classic movie fan and a great example of Vidors genius!

August 27, 2014    _            __

Dean - Street Scene (1931) - Thank you for this movie. It was well acted.    

June 13, 2014                     ___

Kes - Street Scene (1931) - Surprisingly well done for a low budget film. Sylvia Sidney gives a fine, understated performance.

April 22, 2014    _                   __

Pam -  Street Scene (1931) - I've seen this movie several times over the years and it's one of my favorites. Well worth a watch!

December 1, 2013_____ ______

Street Scene (1931) on IMDb

Street Scene - Drama. A story of the danger of malicious gossip, displayed on a New York City street on a hot summer day.

Street Scene (1931)

Street Scene (1931)