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J - She (1935) - Incredible production! Gorgeous set-design and a fantastic story. This would be a $100 million movie today! Please don't miss it....

August 11, 2017___                      _  ___

Peg - She (1935) - Really enjoyed this film.  The choreography was amazing.

May 17, 2017___                       _  ___

John - She (1935) - Enjoyed the movie very much. Much better than a lot of movies made today.

June 29, 2014    _                 __

Kes - She (1935) - Perfect 30s film -- the costumes, the music, the story line, the sets, the actors. It doesn't get better than this.

May 25, 2014                     ____

Tessy -  She (1935) - Impressive and exciting. Many adventure- and fantasy-films made decades later seem to be inspired by this movie.

November 17, 2013____________

Janice -  She (1935) - Enthralling to see with the color gently added...not garish.  Read the book and never saw the old movie until today.  Thank You

November 9, 2013____________

John  - I have waited 64 years to see this film again. It was worth it. I was 11 years old then, saw it in B&W. Very impressive in color.

August 11, 2013____________

Frank - "She" is part "King Kong," part "Lost Horizon," some hokey, much great adventure. Merian Cooper gem and great Max Steiner score. It will keep you thoroughly enthralled. First time I've seen it   won't be the last.

July 15, 2013____________

She - Adventure. By H. Rider Haggard. Stars: Helen Gahagan, Randolph Scott. Leo Vincey tries to discover the secret of immortality that She has found.

She (1935)

She (1935)