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Teresa - Seventh Heaven (1937) - Could watch this movie over and over, I see the imdb is only 6.9 it should be a lot higher.

March 13, 2016___                    _______

Sherri - Seventh Heaven (1937) - What a wonderful and beautiful story of real love. Been a fan of Jimmy Stewart and seen Simone Simon in some movies and together they were so great!

August 6, 2015               _           __

Scott -  Seventh Heaven (1937) - a REMARKABLE movie.

November 24, 2014            _        __

Annon - Seventh Heaven (1937) - Absolutely loved this movie. Never saw this before either but lovd seeing Jimmy Stewart in almost anything. He was a great actor and always had my heart.

September 4, 2014    _            __

Touching - Seventh Heaven (1937) - A touching and loving story of two people being together no matter the consequences.  

August 4, 2014    _             __

Carey - Seventh Heaven (1937) - Been a huge classic film fan for years, but never heard of the Jimmy Stewart, Simone Simon "seventh heaven"... I fell instantly in love with Simon ... wow! what a face!!!!  

July 25, 2014    _               __

Seventh Heaven - Drama. Stars: Simone Simon, James Stewart. Chico wants to move up from a sewer worker to a street sweeper and find a wife.

Seventh Heaven (1937)

Seventh Heaven (1937)