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Liz - Rebecca (1940) - I love old classic movies. I enjoyed this one very much. I did not like the house keeper though. She was evil. Thank you for posting.  

May 31, 2016___                       __  ___

Carol - Rebecca (1940) - One of the essentials.

January 27, 2016___                ________

Deborah - Rebecca (1940) - I read the book when I was a teen not realizing it had been made into a movie.  Just as I closed the book and turned on the late movie channel Rebecca was just beginning. One of the most serendipitous things to happen in my life and the movie was just as fantastic as the book, a perfect rendition.  I've always loved this movie, its on my top 10 list of the best ever.  Wish I could have seen it on the big screen.

December 9, 2015___             ________

Carol - Rebecca (1940) - This has to be best movie of all time. It is a master piece . it is so well cast,the actor's really play the part so well.

November 23, 2015              _           __

Lee - Rebecca (1940) - Nothing will ever compare to real film and black white movies. Much of the whole Ambiance of these movies is the exquisite lighting and shadows that can only be captured on film in black and white.

September 21, 2015               _         _

Alyare - Rebecca (1940) -  I adore classic movies from bygone eras. Although I of course was not around at these times (I will be 41 this month) I grew up watching classic movies and always had a love for many types of classic movies going back to black and white, etc. They just don't make movies like these anymore. Oh how I wish these would make a come back. I'm not sure how many of today's actor and actresses would actually be able to survive in the original Hollywood era. As a designer, I miss these eras of dress as well.

August 8, 2015               _           __

Alice - Rebecca (1940) - Joan Fontaine reads so well! Have loved this movie (and the book) since I was in my teens in the 1950s!

June 26, 2015              _           __

Kesha - Rebecca (1940) - I love these old movies...with all of the technology today, they still don't make movies like this anymore.

June 16, 2015              _           __

Teresa - Rebecca (1940) -   I love these old films.

April 12, 2015                           __

Shonetta - Rebecca (1940) - We need more of these great classic movies.

February 12, 2015     _              __

Maria -  Rebecca (1940) - True Hitchcock. I love to watch this movie.

December 23, 2014            _         __

Rose -  Rebecca (1940) - I have watched Rebecca five times, I don’t get tired of watching it.

November 28, 2014            _        __

Renu - Rebecca (1940) - Loved watching it again after sooo many years....wonderfully made.

October 20, 2014     _                   __

Mara - Rebecca (1940) - After searching a copy for many years and finally got to watch the movie from a friend's copy (great collector of old time movies). It was superb and worth the waiting and one of my favorite movies.

June 4, 2014     _                   __

Kiya - Rebecca (1940) - I love classic movies and mysteries are my favorite, I'm glad I finally watched "Rebecca" it was my kind of movie. That was excellent!

March 24, 2014    _                 __

Alex - Rebecca (1940) - Many years since I've seen this.  Wonderful film.  Loved it every minute it.

March 17, 2014    _                 __

Linda - Rebecca (1940) - One of my most favorite movies ever!! Thank you Hitchcock!!

March 8, 2014    _                 ___

Ed’s - Rebecca (1940) - Best movie I've seen in years.

February 14, 2014    ____

Dianna - Rebecca (1940) - Intriguing! What wonderful actors. Held me captive from beginning to end. Loved it***** Thank you again IOMT!

January 28, 2014    ____

Alice - Rebecca (1940) - Joan Fontaine died in her sleep December 15, 2013 at 96. RIP Joan! Now that you have left us, Mrs. De Winter, will you go to Manderley again?

January 19, 2014    ____________

GV - Rebecca (1940) - This movie proves you don't need modern technology/photography/

sound etc. to make a really great movie.

December 20, 2013____________

Kimia - Rebecca (1940) - You can never compare any thing with a really true classic film!

December 20, 2013____________

Rebecca - Rebecca (1940) - Great movie...a true classic!

December 16, 2013____________

Luca - Lol.

October 6, 2013               

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Rebecca 1940 - Drama, Mystery. Alfred Hitchcock. Cast: Laurence Olivier, Joan Fontaine, George Sanders. The new wife of the rich Widower finds out that his first wife still has a strange hold on the household.

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