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Denseone -  Prince of Foxes (1949) - Although this is considered one of those vehicles that Welles took just to supply money for his more ambitious projects, consider the attack on Cesare Borgia's troops as a model for Shrewsbury Plain and the punishment for Orsini as devised by Borgia (and uttered by Welles). Coincidences, I think not.

November 30, 2013___________

Valerie -  Prince of Foxes (1949) - A privilege to learn of the Lord's people, the Jews, and to see Bethlehem.

November 25, 2013___________

Prince of Foxes (1949) on IMDb

Prince of Foxes - Adventure, Drama, History. Takes place in 1500’s Renaissance Italy. The scheming and plotting of Dukes, and Counts to reunite Italy.

Prince of Foxes (1949)