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Angela - Made for Each Other (1939) - This one is one of my all-time favorites! You can't beat the combo of Jimmy Stewart & Carole Lombard (what a total knock-out!). They seem very realistic as newly weds. The writing is so funny but Stewart and Lombard could have made this work as a silent film, they're so good. I adore the clothes, too. The movie takes a surprising dramatic turn that is really FANTASTICALLY acted by all involved, showing the wide-ranging talent of the stars. Very moving! I give it a 9 out of 10! You will love it, I think!

June 22, 2014    _                 __

Hannah - Made for Each Other (1939) - A good film. Jimmy Stewart is great, and Carole Lombard is surprisingly good in her dramatic scenes. And such cute babies! Love the scene with the chicken drumstick too.

January 31, 2014    ____________

Made for Each Other - Comedy, Drama. Stars Carole Lombard, James Stewart. A couple gets married a day after meeting, not everything goes well afterward.

Made for Each Other (1939)

Made for Each Other (1939)