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Rosairo - Love Affair (1939) - Boyer was much-sought after for this film. He is perfectly cast for it considering that era of great actors. It appears that women prefer Grant, while we men favor Boyer. My option for his costar is Myrna Loy. I toy with the idea my favorite actress Bette Davis fits well, too. But what role doesn't? She's the top.

April 2, 2017___                         _  ___

Angela - Love Affair (1939) - Irene Dunne & Charles Boyer are perfect together! Classic movies are such a treat - these men and women had manners and glamour and STYLE! This is the original film, of which "An Affair to Remember" from 1957 is a remake. It is nearly identical, shot by shot and dialogue. If you liked Kerr and Grant in AATR, you will be happy to watch Dunne and Boyer in "Love Affair". Put up your feet, make a cup of tea or a cocktail, thank your lucky starts for Old Movie Time and ENJOY!

June 21, 2014    _                 __

Dianna - Love Affair (1939) - How it thrills me to see the FIRST "Love Affair"***** Oh my. It is breath taking. YOU provide this for us! Those who love classic. Thank you for this wonderful site where one can see the wonder of fine film, actors, and actresses like no other. I am SO happy to have discovered you! Blessings!*****

January 24, 2014    ____________

Betty - Love Affair (1939) - I have a love affair with this film - I have lost count of the number of times I've seen it but it never disappoints, not least because of the handsome and charming Charles Boyer - I love the way he looks at Irene Dunne after she makes the baseball comment at the start of the movie - I think he knows he's met his match then.  There are so many magical moments in this film - too many to list - but all emotions are there and I fall in love with Charles Boyer all over again at the end of the film.  My love affair with this movie will never fade.

January 7, 2014    ____________

Love Affair - Comedy, Drama. Stars Irene Dunne, Charles Boyer. A couple meet on a voyage on a ship and fall in love.

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Love Affair (1939)

Love Affair (1939)