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Venkatesh - Les Misérables (1958) - I loved watching the movie, especially the acting of Mr. Jean Gabin. Ther's nothing like them, they move you, make you think(of your relationships), correct you and leave positive imprints in a beautiful way.

January 23, 2016___                ________

Pogo - Les Misérables (1958) - Watched it with short breaks- is long film about 3hr 40. Some small deviations fr Hugo, but follows quite closely and compresses a lot of material. Character acting good. Well worth watching.  Realistic battle scenes, sets. Extremely consistent throughout. Rating is 7.6 on imdb and deservedly so.

December 25, 2015___             ________

Les Misérables - Drama. Stars: Jean Gabin, Bernard Blier, René Fleur. A very good adaptation of the French historical novel by Victor Hugo.

Les Misérables (1958)

Les Misérables (1958)