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D - Knight Without Armour (1937) - Excellent challenges for love & freedom.

February 14, 2017___                  _  ___

Robin - Knight Without Armour (1937) - Story of a British secret agent undercover during the Russian revolution. Story tracks the fall of the Tzar's government, civil war and the rise of the Bolshevik s.By Alexander Korda movie.

November 7, 2016___                  _  ___

Abe - Knight Without Armour (1937) - Two of my favorite actors.

July 19, 2015               _           __

Jacko - Knight Without Armour (1937) - A bit too many coincidental events but who cares!! Have always loved Marlene Dietrich (especially in "A Witness for the Prosecution" (everyone should see this movie). This of course is how ideal love should occur including the happy ending. Loved the movie!!  

August 3, 2014    _             __

Danielle - Knight Without Armour (1937) - If you leave the romance aside, this will have been true for so many. Very interesting movie.    

May 30, 2014                     ____

Knight Without Armour - Adventure, Drama. Stars: Marlene Dietrich, Robert Donat. A British agent rescues a Countess from her captors.

Knight Without Armour (1937)

Knight Without Armour (1937)