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Brever - Jungle Book (1942) - My moms favorite, she likes jungle and animal movies.  

December 4, 2016___                 _  ___

Frank - Jungle Book (1942) - Very good, well done!!!

October 24, 2016___                   _  ___

Betty - Jungle Book (1942) - I seen this when I was 9 yrs old.  It was wonderful then and has lost none of its charm. Seems to me that some of it has been left out.  The color was outstanding and I'd love to buy the DVD, but guess it isn't going to be sold any more.

May 28, 2016___                       __  ___

Len - Jungle Book (1942) - A classic.

November 18, 2015              _           __

Dean - Jungle Book (1942) - A very good movie. Great color. Good acting. Lots of animals. This is my first time watching this film. I enjoyed it very much. Thanks Dan for this picture.

July 18, 2015               _           __

Tessy -  Jungle Book (1942) - Still fascinating after so many years. The only true movie-adaption of Kipplings Junglebook.

November 16, 2013___________

Jungle Book - Action, Adventure. Stars: Sabu, Joseph Calleia. Based on Rudyard Kiplings story of a boy who was raised by wolves in the jungle.

Jungle Book (1942)