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JRK - Hell in the Pacific (1968) - Very good movie, shows how they could make movies without a lot of special effects and CG effects. Just human  emotions and feelings two very good actors made the movie what it is.

January 25, 2016___                ________

Dean - Hell in the Pacific (1968) - Thank you Dan for this movie! It was nice to see it again. Two great actors, Marvin and Mifune.

June 27, 2014    _                 __

David - Hell in the Pacific (1968) - I thought the movie was pretty good. I took it as an anti-war statement where the 2 enemies overcame their differences and learned to work together.  

** Warning - Spoiler alert ahead. Stop reading now if you have not already watched this movie **

I am still confused about the ending. At first I thought the war was over, but then there was gunfire, which may or may not have been in the their heads and it appeared the building they were in exploded, it kind of left it up to you to make the interpretation.

May 3, 2014     _                   __

BB - Hell in the Pacific (1968) - Ahead of its time….united we stand divided we fall….the ultimate war story.

December 28, 2013____________

Hell in the Pacific (1968) on IMDb

Hell in the Pacific - War, Drama. An American pilot and a marooned Japanese navy captain are together on a small deserted island during WWII.

Hell in the Pacific (1968)

Hell in the Pacific (1968)