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Russ - Contraband (1940) - Excellent film, as only the Brit's knew how to make. The verbal banter between the characters is marvelous. Conrad Veidt was an amazing actor and it was a pleasure to see his nicer side. Great film. Loved the nautical way he figured out where the girl was being held...and the way the cast was included in the map reading....It just doesn't happen in modern films. Intelligent, creative and fun.

January 26, 2016___                ________

Louisa -  Contraband (1940) - Loved the play between Hobson and Veidt, and I too was surprised to see Veidt as a good guy and romantic interest. Interesting flick.  

December 7, 2014            _         __

Frank - "Contraband" is a Hitchcock like thriller/romance that topped even the master. It is 1/2 suspense, 1/2 Nick-Nora Charles. A surprise is Conrad Veidt who, more often than not played a nasty Nazi. As a romantic lead he was a 10. The beautiful Valerie Hobson was better than many Hollywoodites who strained in similar roles "Contraband" is outstanding.

May 9, 2013____________

Blackout (1940) on IMDb

Contraband - Adventure. During the first year of WWII, a Danish sea captain in a British port has a run in with German spies.

Contraband (1940)