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Castle in the Desert (1942) - Comedy, Mystery    IMDb 7.0

Charlie Chan investigates apparent poisonings at a mystery mansion in the Mojave Desert.

Stars: Sidney Toler, Arleen Whelan, Richard Derr.

Man Hunt (1941) - Drama, Thriller    IMDb 7.2

A British hunter has Hitler in his gun sight. He gets captured, escapes and the hunt begins.

Stars: Walter Pidgeon & Joan Bennett.

Meet John Doe (1941) - Comedy, Drama    IMDb 7.6

A penniless drifter is recruited by an ambitious columnist to impersonate a non-existent person who said he'd be committing suicide as a protest, and a political movement begins.

Stars: Gary Cooper, Barbara Stanwyck, Edward Arnold.

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Rebecca (1940) - Drama, Mystery, Film-Noir    IMDb 8.1

A self-conscious woman juggles adjusting to her new role as an aristocrat's wife and avoiding being intimidated by his first wife's spectral presence.

Stars: Laurence Olivier, Joan Fontaine, George Sanders.

Invitation to Happiness (1939) - Drama     IMDb 7.1

An egotistical boxer romances a rich backer's daughter.

Stars: Irene Dunne, Fred MacMurray, Charles Ruggles.

A Star Is Born (1937) - Drama    IMDb 7.3

A young farm girl breaks into the Hollywood movies with the help of an alcoholic movie star.

Stars: Janet Gaynor, Fredric March.

The Suspect (1944) - Drama, Thriller    IMDb 7.4

An unhappily married man begins a flirtation with a younger woman. When his wife threatens to ruin her, he decides to take action.

Stars Charles Laughton and Ella Raines.

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