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If I Were King (1938) - Adventure    IMDb 7.2

King Louis XI goes undercover to find a traitor in Paris in 1463.

Stars: Ronald Colman, Basil Rathbone, Frances Dee.

The Hound of the Baskervilles (1939) - Crime    IMDb 7.5

Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson investigate the legend of a supernatural hound, a beast that may be stalking a young heir on the fog-shrouded moorland that makes up his estate.

Stars: Basil Rathbone, Nigel Bruce, Richard Greene.

Night and the City (1950) - Film-Noir    IMDb 7.9

A small-time grifter and nightclub tout takes advantage of some fortuitous circumstances and tries to become a big-time player as a wrestling promoter.

Stars: Richard Widmark, Gene Tierney.

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Pickup on South Street (1953) - Film-Noir    IMDb 7.7

A pickpocket unwittingly lifts a message destined for enemy agents and becomes a target for a Communist spy ring.

Stars: Richard Widmark, Jean Peters, Thelma Ritter.

Man's Castle (1933) - Drama    IMDb 7.2

During the depression a man helps out a homeless lady by giving her food and shelter.

Stars: Spencer Tracy, Loretta Young.

The Cat's-Paw (1934) - Comedy    IMDb 6.7

A naive missionary brought up in China returns to America to seek a wife. Corrupt politicians enlist him to run for mayor as a dummy candidate with no chance of winning.

Stars: Harold Lloyd, Una Merkel.

Easy Living (1937) - Comedy    IMDb 7.6

When a wealthy banker throws his wife's expensive fur coat off a roof and it lands on the head of a stenographer, everyone assumes she is his mistress and has access to his millions.

Stars: Jean Arthur, Edward Arnold, Ray Milland.

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