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Anon - The Southerner (1945) - A hard working man and a good woman and an honest days work, a family that makes ends meet no matter what god sends them. Another film to warm your heart and make you feel grateful for what you have in life, as long as you have each other and support.  

September 29, 2014       _         __

Gail - The Southerner (1945) - This movie revealed the hard, and simple lives people lived, but were more thankful.    

September 22, 2014       _         __

Betty - The Southerner (1945) - Heart-warming story - enjoyed seeing Zachary Scott in a different type of role.

June 24, 2014    _                 __

Dean - The Southerner (1945) - Thank you for this movie. A good story and acting. I never ate possum, but it sure looked good in the movie.

May 24, 2014                ____

Valerie - The Southerner (1945) - Loved it. Ill be watching this one again.....

February 22, 2014    _      ___

Frank - Not quite "Grapes of Wrath," but more than worthwhile as a well told story - piece of history. "The Southerner" keeps you entranced.

June 21, 2013____________

The Southerner (1945) on IMDb

The Southerner - Drama. Stars Zachary Scott, Betty Field. The struggles of a cotton picker who decides to go on his own and grow his own crop of cotton.

The Southerner (1945)

The Southerner (1945)