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Rich -  The Rains Came (1939) - Don’t forget Maria Ouspenskaya who played Maleva in the Wolfman .

December 17, 2014            _         __

Dean - The Rains Came (1939) - Thanks Dan for this great old film. It had top stars and a good plot. Also action. It was a pleasure to watch.

August 14, 2014    _            __

Barbara - The Rains Came (1939) - Love this movie.....George Brent, Tyrone Power, Myrna Loy. What more can you ask for!  Great movie.  

July 26, 2014    _               __

The Rains Came - Adventure, Drama. Stars: Myrna Loy, Tyrone Power. The Lady Edwina Esketh and her husband go to India and encounter disaster.

The Rains Came (1939)

The Rains Came (1939)