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Marilyn - The Dark Corner (1946) - Loved it!

June 13, 2017___                        _  ___

Bettedivas - The Dark Corner (1946) - Wonderful movie.

October 22, 2016___                   _  ___

Paiola - The Dark Corner (1946) - Great picture!

April 5, 2016___                       _______

Jacko - The Dark Corner (1946) - Clifton Webb I believe was always underated as an actor. He has a knack in this movie as well as Laura of immediately disliking him after his first scene! He was of course the reason that this movie was as good as it was - In my humble opinion.

August 15, 2014    _            __

Barrouse - The Dark Corner (1946)- I enjoyed seeing Lucille Ball in this movie - young, attractive - but mostly for NOT being the scatterbrained "Lucy".

August 12, 2014    _            __

Dean - The Dark Corner (1946) - A good movie! Thanks Dan.  

July 24, 2014    _               __

Frank - Before Lucy - before Riley --Ball and Bendix were quite serious and very effective in a lengthy film noir movie, "The Dark Corner." The top notch, literate thriller also stars Clifton Webb doing a little bit of "Laura." Don't miss this one.

July 18, 2013____________

The Dark Corner - Crime, Film-Noir. Stars Lucille Ball, Clifton Webb. Lucille Ball is the lovely secretary who helps out her boss who is accused of murder.

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The Dark Corner (1946)

The Dark Corner (1946)