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Dean - No Name on the Bullet (1959) - Thank you for these wonderful old movies! I had never seen this one before. I enjoyed watching it.

May 18, 2014     _                  __

David - No Name on the Bullet (1959) - This is one of the Audie Murphy Westerns that is a notch above the usual story. It has a more involving story and a sort of a mystery that is maintained through most of the movie. It is also rare that Murphy is bad throughout the entire movie, he usually changes to the good guy midway when he starts out bad. He is a hired gunman who comes to town and everyone knows he is there to kill someone, but who?

Everyone seems to have a reason to suspect they may be the target, and Murphy seems to enjoy taunting them.  

*** Spoiler Alert - Read no further if you have not watched the movie yet! ***

I know Murphy was not the greatest of actors, but I have come to enjoy his westerns as a guilty pleasure. My only complaint is how the movie was tied up so neatly at the end with him getting hit in the arm with the hammer, instantly ending his gunman career, and the old man dying of a heart attack before Murphy could kill him, thus saving him from being directly responsible for his death.

May 5, 2014     _                   __

No Name on the Bullet (1959) on IMDb

No Name on the Bullet - Western. Professional killer John Gant rides into Lordsburg, and everyone is wondering if they're the one he is going to kill.

No Name on the Bullet (1959)

No Name on the Bullet (1959)