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Dean - Murder Over New York (1940) - Thanks Dan for this wonderful old Charlie Chan film. It was nice to see Shemp Howard in a small role.This movie was a real pleasure to watch.

May 9, 2017___                         _  ___

Godfrey - Murder Over New York (1940) - I recognized him as soon as I heard his voice.  Shemp Howard plays a "Hindu" in the police lineup.

May 6, 2017___                         _  ___

Nina - Murder Over New York (1940) - Charlie Chan is the MAN! Where you been all my life?

March 23, 2017___                     _  ___

Jim - Murder Over New York (1940) - I like old movies. Saw this movie many years ago. Enjoy these now as the many years ago. It was a pleasure.

April 23, 2016___                       ______

Murder Over New York - Comedy, Crime, Mystery. Stars: Sidney Toler, Marjorie Weaver, Robert Lowery. Murder at a police convention in New York.

Murder Over New York (1940)

Murder Over New York (1940)