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Nina - Go for Broke! (1951) - I have this movie and just can't resist Baka tari ing away at people who are real Baka taris!!! My grandpa told me that the casualy statistics for these brave ones was 216% because they were considered to be cannon fodder.Later,after the war, their General went to a reunion with other senior officers and he put out a hand to another S.O. to shake it. The other officer ignored it completely to show him what they really thought of such a man who did not care about how his men got killed needlessly. BTW, all the Katonks in the movie,served in this Go For Broke Unit as real patriotic soldiers.

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JR - Go for Broke! (1951) - Great!

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Buddle - Go for Broke! (1951) - Semper Fi & GOD BLESS Amen.

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Go for Broke! (1951) on IMDb

Go for Broke! - Action, War, . Stars Van Johnson. A tribute to a regiment of Japanese-American volunteers that fought in Europe during WWII.

Go for Broke! (1951)

Go for Broke! (1951)