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Spencer - Flame Over India (1959) - This movie is titled North-West Frontier in the UK and its Dominions.   

October 20, 2014            _         __

Alan - Flame Over India (1959) - An amazing movie, fantastic cast, true to life.

August 14, 2014    _            __

Shiv - Flame Over India (1959) - After hearing of Lauren Bacall’s death I plan to spend the weekend watching as much as I can of this great actress and beautiful woman.

August 14, 2014    _            __

Dean - Flame Over India (1959)- I learned while watching this film, that Lauren Bacall died yesterday at age 89. She was a true star. This movie is a very good one. I would watch it again. Thanks Dan for showing it.

August 13, 2014    _            __

Flame Over India - Adventure, Drama. Stars: Kenneth More, Lauren Bacall. A prince needs to be taken through rebel territory in British India.

Flame Over India (1959)

Flame Over India (1959)