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Jimbo - Decision Before Dawn (1951) - Unusual but superb acting.

January 16, 2016___                ________

Mike - Decision Before Dawn (1951) - Very good old B&W movie. Thanks.

January 14, 2016___                ________

Brent - Decision Before Dawn (1951) - Awesome.  

June 29, 2015              _           __

Frank - "Decision Before Dawn," somewhat reminiscent of "The Big Lift" - is a riveting, exciting movie. P.S. I just discovered Old Movie Time. Do I love it? As they said in the movie - Ja whol and double ja wohl.

April 23, 2013____________

Decision Before Dawn (1951) on IMDb

Decision Before Dawn - War, Drama. German prisoners are recruited by the US Army to spy behind German lines.

Decision Before Dawn (1951)

Decision Before Dawn (1951)