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Caroline - A Christmas Carol (1951) - I love this movie, it defines Christmas, f0r me at least, I love watching it around Christmas time, this version is my favorite of all the Christmas Carol movies, love it.

December 16, 2016___                _  ___

Brever - A Christmas Carol (1951) - I collect these movies and this is the most outstanding version of the story as it shows how scrooge became a miser.  

December 4, 2016___                 _  ___

Ken - A Christmas Carol (1951) - This is the ONLY true version of Dickens' Classic that is neither sickly saccharine sweet, cheesy or just plain poorly done. This does not apply to the Muppets version which is OK on its own.

December 23, 2015___             ________

Christine - A Christmas Carol (1951) -  I have been watching this movie for over 40 years, it is my all time favorite Christmas Movie Ever!!! I just love it....Alastair Sim just rocks his part!!!!

December 22, 2015___             ________

Debbie - A Christmas Carol (1951) - This is my favorite version of this movie. I watch for it on TV and have a hard time finding it. 4 days till Christmas now and still can't find it.  I'll watch it online. Yay!

December 21, 2015___             ________

Lillian - A Christmas Carol (1951) - It is the true meaning of Christmas, I love this movie with Alastair Sim, this it the best Christmas Carol ever!

December 21, 2015___             ________

Hannah - A Christmas Carol (1951) - A wonderful performance by Alistair Sim. Great film!

December 12, 2015___             ________

Susie - A Christmas Carol (1951) - I Love this movie, my all time favorite!

December 12, 2015___             ________

James - A Christmas Carol (1951) - The true meaning of redemption in a movie.  Anyone can change.

November 29, 2015___________

Jan - A Christmas Carol (1951) - Christmas is not complete without this movie. So thankful for this site.I had to find some version as my original source had been deleted.  In my opinion, this is the best version on the story.

Peace to all for 2015.

December 26, 2014___________

Debbie - A Christmas Carol (1951) - Oh I love this movie, it’s not Christmas without it, I am thankful for this free site tyvm :)

December 25, 2014___________

Gregg - A Christmas Carol (1951) - I have 2 DVD's of this movie but I had put them in storage in anticipating an eventual move. However Christmas Eve 2014 has come along and I couldn't find either DVD as I had them stored away pretty good. However and to my delight I have just watched the whole movie online free as I have no cable TV service right now. Almost every Christmas Eve I've watched and enjoyed this movie including  tonight. It's a irreplaceable part of Christmas not just for me but for everyone who never miss the chance to view it at this special time of the year. Merry Christmas everyone!

December 24, 2014___________

Whit - A Christmas Carol (1951) - I watch this version every Christmas Eve. It's the best!

December 24, 2014___________

Paul - A Christmas Carol (1951) - One of two or three must-watch Christmas movies each year.  It's the definitive version of Dickens' classic story.  All budding actors should study Sim's incredible talent.  

December 24, 2014___________

Barb - A Christmas Carol (1951) - The best  xmas movie, i make a special point to  watch it every year.

December 24, 2014___________

Melissa - A Christmas Carol (1951) - It Never feels like Christmas until... this Movie !! How is this not playing as the classic it should be! ! Have the dvd,  but want to see it on TV , To show future generations how Awesome this film is. !!!!!  

December 21, 2014___________

Leena - A Christmas Carol (1951) - Alastair Sim is scrooge.  There is no other version for me. Wonderful!    

December 19, 2014___________

Jordan - A Christmas Carol (1951) - Just Brilliant. It is a ghost story, and teeters on being genuinely scared, it is heartwarming and it is genuinely funny too. The quality of the performances are what make this THE holiday movie of all time!  

November 30, 2014___________

Alan - A Christmas Carol (1951) - This movie has become a huge part of Christmas for me! It is this best version of the Dickinson Classic!  

November 17, 2014___________

Jim - A Christmas Carol (1951) - This is the best version. I have been watching this since 1956.  

November 15, 2014___________

Jerry - A Christmas Carol (1951) - It does not get any better than this, the Finest version of Dickens tale of Scrooge.  

September 14, 2014___________

Debra - A Christmas Carol (1951) - Wonderful movie 5 stars from me.  

December 30, 2013____________

A Christmas Carol - Drama, Fantasy. Stars Alastair Sim, Jack Warner, Kathleen Harrison. Charles Dickens Christmas classic.

A Christmas Carol (1951)