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Brian - 49th Parallel (1941) - This movie should be shown in every school, to show kids our identity and heritage, since the Trudeau government says we don't have an identity or a heritage.

December 27, 2016___                _  ___

Richard - 49th Parallel (1941) - Excellent!! Message even for to days world. Hurrah for Canada.

July 7, 2016___                        __  ___

Gopi - 49th Parallel (1941) - Undoubtedly dated, but undoubtedly great watching.

February 24, 2016___                _______

Colin - 49th Parallel (1941) - Classic! One of the best war movies of its time.   

September 19, 2014       _         __

Dean - 49th Parallel (1941) - Thanks Dan for this great film.  I liked this film. The ending was terrific! The acting was very good.

August 10, 2014    _            __

Joe - 49th Parallel (1941) - Acting, Directing, Scenery, this movie has it all!  

July 24, 2014    _               __

Joe - 49th Parallel (1941) - This movie should have the highest rating.

May 27, 2014                     ____

Virginia - 49th Parallel (1941) - Excellent movie which I never saw before.

April 28, 2014    _                   __

Movie Buff - 49th Parallel (1941) - What a wonderful movie with great photography and a superb script and excellent cast. It's one of the most realistic WWII films ever made. And one of the best.

April 25, 2014    _                   __

Damon - 49th Parallel (1941) - I never heard of this movie but the name caught my eye since I own a place on the American 45th Parallel. I thought this was one of the best movies I've ever seen! I loved it all and what a ending. As an American I can say we are as proud of Canada as we are of America. Thanks for being such a great neighbor!

April 25, 2014    _                   __

Brian - 49th Parallel (1941) - This film should be shown today in all the cinemas in Canada. I’m proud to be a Canadian, because of wonderful films like these.   

January 5, 2014    ____________

Micky - Very good film a classic.

September 12, 2013_______

Frank - 49th Parallel is heavy propaganda, and for a good cause. Most importantly - this is an exciting, fascinating movie which will wind up atop your list of favorites. It is a must-see.

May 29, 2013____________

49th Parallel (1941) on IMDb

49th Parallel - Drama, War, Thriller. A Nazi U-boat tries to evade the Canadian forces. Six stranded Nazis on shore try to reach neutral USA.

49th Parallel (1941)

49th Parallel